Harena is poingy ferret whose existence is a bit of a mystery. So far, she has been seen poinging in circles around Zeebs & Katters in The Katters' and Zebra's Inconspicuous Meat Pie Shop and Tonsorial Parlour but not much more is known about her.

Harena duct-taped after Katters sliced her in half & juiced her

Birth Name: Harena Atria
Aliases: Harena, Har, Har-Har, FERRET

DOB: Unknown. Rumors are that it's on Halloween, but the year is unclear. She appears to transcend age.
Gender: Female
Species: Ferret
Occupation: Terminal Optimist, Pyromaniac & Mad Scientist
Fur: Cinnamon? Brown? Something? Snapper?
Eyes: The brightest Blue imaginable
Notable Allies: Everybody in Snowtown. She's all their allies too. ^_^

Family Relations: Adopted by Erika

Personality: Harena is a happy-go-lucky ferret with a remarkable sense of optimism and cheer. She loves all things shiny & brightly coloured. Although bright neon lime green is her favorite, she is loathe to turn aside any bright colour. She loves mechanical things, steampunk, electronics, and most importantly: Fire. She is a bit of a pyromaniac & is rather notorious for setting random things & people aflame.

Harena also seems to have a high survival rate in spite of her insistence in hanging out in TKaZIMPSaTP. She is a bit of a mad scientist herself but her inventions have leanings more to the Sunny Side of Life. What she has actually been able to create has not been clarified but there have been hints towards The Beaderizerâ„¢ and some sort of time/matter transference manipulator.

Her favorite foods are chocklit, CHEESE (which she can be heard hollering at the drop of a hat), and pixie stix. The latter tends to set her rocketing across The Pie Shop hardly ever missing the chandelier. (We still don't know how that thing got in there). Interestingly enough, her exposure to a waffle laced with HJ7 resulted in her grumping about the yarn and the shiny things under her couch. She found her flamethrower and flambe'd the kitchen when she found some cheese there. It was in this instance that she was cured by a pixie stix (with no help from Brutus) and managed to hit the poor chandelier once again before finally crash-landing on the top of the refrigerator.

She has been frequently spotted clinging to the end of Leon's mop handle and sometimes perched upon Brutus' shoulder.